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Public Relations on the net

Winning Strategies to Inform and Influence the Media, the Investment Community, the Government, the Public, and More! Everyone knows about the Internet as a great way to market and sell. Yet few organizations have tapped even a fraction of the Net's power for true public relations, defined as the strategic management of communications between a business and its many audiences. Now there's a new guide that explains how to conduct effective and measurable P.R. on the Net. Rich in step-by-step instructions and action plans, it's also studded with instructive examples of companies that leverage the Internet and World Wide Web to improve relationships with journalists, investors, civic groups, and other constituents.

Readers learn how to: * identify and monitor issues online * ferret out invaluable information for P.R. efforts * distribute releases and other messages effectively * solicit feedback from key audiences * deal with rogue Web sites and online attacks * use the Internet for crisis communications * influence opinions, attitudes, and behaviors over the long term.

SHEL HOLTZ (Concord, CA) is president of Holtz Communication + Technology and a former corporate communications executive. He is a five-time winner of the Gold Quill award from the International Association of Business Communicators.

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