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Thousands of lives can be saved with the help of UNICEF's antitetanic campaign
09-09-2003 non-profit/UNICEF source: PeppeR
The danger of tetanus in our country as well as in the developed countries occur only when you have a rusty nail thorned in your finger and as a prevention you get an antitetanic vaccine. However there are many countries all around the world where the lives of the mother and her baby are in danger if the birth is not held among acceptable hygienic circumstances.
  UNICEF started a fight against this pointless death; its worldwide vaccination campaign already provided more than 33 million mothers to receive this vaccine moreover, on behalf of its partners it set the objective of winding up tetanus until 2005. Mothers before giving birth need only 3 Tetanus Toxoid vaccines and it gives enough protection, this vaccine series cost just 300 HUF. As the first step of grant-collecting series supported by the UNICEF's Hungarian National Committee, from 2, June receives the donations from the money-collector urns placed at 40 offices of Raiffeisen Bank. Followed by this when someone calls the Matáv Grant-Line in September and in October, the cost of the call will be transferred for this purpose by the telecommunication provider. And those who would like to help to wind up tetanus worldwide can make a pledge by sending their contribution to UNICEF's bank account ( OTP 11705008-20123725). Pepper by joining to this initiative continues its long run co-operation with UNICEF.
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