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IT Decision Makers Finds Information Security Awareness Has Increased Significantly
15-02-2006 IT/BSA source: pepper
A new survey from the Business Software Alliance (BSA) finds information technology (IT) decision makers from North America and Europe have grown more concerned about information security over the past two years. The survey finds 78% have increased the number of IT security projects they work on, and a majority says they take a proactive approach toward security.
  The study also finds nearly three quarters of respondents report IT security has become a critical part of their business planning with 81% of respondents reporting they are concerned about the financial risk of “lost business due to downtime.” Notably, 63% of IT decision makers said that their customers regularly ask about information security and 70% have made improvements to address customer concerns. The study, commissioned by BSA and conducted in January by independent survey group Forrester Consulting, was released this Tuesday at the 2006 RSA Security Conference held in San Jose, California. Forrester surveyed 410 IT decision makers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France. The study also revealed that the private sector believes government has a role to play in addressing information security, particularly when it comes to enforcement of laws that punish those who engage in criminal behavior. It also finds industry already is collaborating with government on cybersecurity. Fifty four percent of respondents said they maintain a list of government authorities to whom they report security breaches. However, 67% of IT decision makers said they would be more likely to work with law enforcement if they had specialized skills and tools for cyber-forensic investigations. In Europe, BSA actively promotes efforts by governments to raise awareness of the risks and promote network security and expand public-private partnerships like the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). BSA also supports the EU’s Framework Decision on Attacks Against Information Systems, designed to ensure effective enforcement of criminal penalties for cyberattacks. “This survey offers encouraging signs that IT decision makers recognize the importance of data security and are escalating their attention to safety measures,” said Beth Scott, Vice President, EMEA for BSA. “While the private sector continues to make progress in finding technical solutions to information security issues, support from lawmakers is essential to raise awareness of the risks and ensure that criminal law remains effective in tackling those who seek to perpetrate crimes online.” For a copy of the study, please visit BSA’s EU Policy website at # # # Methodology: Forrester Consulting conducted an online survey with 410 respondents (201 in North America, 209 in Europe) in January 2006. Respondents were IT decision-makers who are familiar with information security issues facing their organizations. 68% of respondents are from companies with more than 1,000 employees. Questions were designed by Forrester Consulting in conjunction with BSA. The margin of error for the study is +/- 4.8%. About BSA The Business Software Alliance ( is the foremost organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world. BSA is the voice of the world's commercial software industry and its hardware partners before governments and in the international marketplace. Its members represent one of the fastest growing industries in the world. BSA programs foster technology innovation through education and policy initiatives that promote copyright protection, cyber security, trade and e-commerce. BSA members include Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Bentley Systems, Borland, Cadence Design Systems, Cisco Systems, CNC Software/Mastercam, Dell, Entrust, HP, IBM, Intel, Internet Security Systems, McAfee, Microsoft, PTC, RSA Security, SAP, SolidWorks, Sybase, Symantec, Synopsys, The MathWorks and UGS.
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