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"Change for the Small" campaign
2003 | non-profit | UNICEF
The idea arose in September 2001 to launch a charity program in Hungary for UNICEF by collecting the foreign change accumulating in Hungary and becoming worthless with the introduction of the euro. Our initiative was entitled "Change for the Small". With the cooperation of the Hungarian National Bank and the Bank Association and the partnering of 13 large banks and the Hungarian Post 570 money-boxes were set up in banks and post offices. From the program's ceremonial launch on November 15 2001, till its end on March 15 2002 more than 150 articles, TV and radio programs, some of them in their leading news or morning programs, covered the campaign. In addition 15 media outlets provided free advertising space and air time, the campaign’s website was visited by tens of thousands of people. The campaign succeeded in collecting more than HUF 70 million in change. In addition all participants and supporters of the campaign, including our agency, worked on a pro bono basis. The campaign received the "Academy Award" of PR, the International PR Association Golden World Award and the "Süveg Award" of the Hungarian PR Agencies Association.
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