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We know that there are no two partners, two tasks or two solutions which are the same. PeppeR does not rely on clichés but on the expertise and the professional knowledge of its consultants. In handling communication challenges there are no ready made solutions. The strategic approach and efficient co-operation are based on joint thinking presuming both the understanding of the client and the involvement of the agency.

Efficient communications is based on the following line of thinking:

1. Understanding the task

  • Is the project definition clear and exact ?
  • What general objectives are the communications tasks part of ?
  • Can the task be handled with communications tools ?

2. Research

  • In what environment do we wish to reach the desired effect ?
  • What do we know about the environment, the key players, the factors supporting and hindering the transfer of our message ?
  • What is our image within the key target group ?

3. Planning

  • What do we wish to achieve ?
  • What tools do we intend to use in the process ?
  • Who are the key players in the communications process ?
  • What effect can we generate and how do we wish to measure it ?
  • What schedule do we want to follow ?
  • What budget is needed to reach the desired effect ?

4. Communications

    To transfer our messages based on
  • understanding of the task
  • research
  • planning

5. Feedback

  • To what extent were our activities successful ?
  • Do the results justify our concept and the investment ?
  • What new opportunities arise under the new circumstances ?

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