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07-04-2015 1+1 does not make 2
  Sponsorship or celebrity endorsement are only to work if the integrity of the well known personality can fully support brand building, without risking their own credibility. Successful Image transfer is only guaranteed if neither party gets into an undeserving situation, possibly even questioning their previous work. It is only this way that the awareness and and brand value can be multiplied. For a good 20 years we have known in Hungary that “having dandruff is a mere question of money” and that on an international level, Keanu Reeves loves Corn Flakes, Demi Moore drinks Diet Coke and Elijah Wood is a Pizza Hut fan. Nevertheless I was surprised and found it backfiring how the recent (re)naming of the ING Insurance to NN Insurance was promoted by Ewan McGregor. ....
06-03-2015 Sustainable country models are sought
  CSR has come a long way“from the backroom to the boardroom”. Today, no company can be imagined without properly planning and nurturing its stakeholder relations, without due consideration how its activities would affect business partners, suppliers, employees and the environment. But CSR does not stop with companies: important initiatives are out there to influence urban planning and how the life of city dwellers could be organised with social and environmental sustainability in the focus. High time for the next stage to come: the birth of the sustainable country model....
26-01-2015 We live in parallel worlds
  Nuclear energy, genetically modified crops and space research are all examples for terms, expressions and concepts of which each of us have different associations. This is a phenomena especially true for complex issues about which on forms opinion without first hand knowledge and experience. My doctoral research has made it clear that while about 30% of the population have no information or opinion about nuclear energy.....
08-01-2015 My list is different
  I simply do not understand the forecasts of PR News and the PR Newswire on how they see 2015. On their lists both warn about the technological challenges and the changing customer behaviour: without video content PR will become meaningless, now it is the time to talk mobile after all, content generation is the basis for all communication work, immediate reaction is the only acceptable speed, and so on. Let alone the fact that I seem to remember very similar lists from previous years, more disturbingly, not one word is shared on the importance of the actual content of communication. The experts don't seem to notice at all that PR used to have ambitions, reaching far beyond becoming the simple executors of digital marketing activities......
12-11-2014 Confidence vs. reputation
  I wholeheartedly support Robert C. Knott and Brent McGoldrick when they claim that the level of confidence is a much better benchmark for successful business communications than is reputation. They believe that high level of confidence in the given company brings a much better probability of entering into any interaction, than simply being aware of its high reputation. Whatever good the reputation may be, a number of reasons can still withhold us from picking their products off the shelf or applying for a position within that organisation. While flocks of PR experts consider reputation management to be their No 1 priority, all this is useless without the steps creating and maintaining confidence in the company.......
30-09-2014 What's in a name change?
  More and more often the idea appears that Malaysia Airlines should consider changing its name. The two disasters, the mystery disappearance of MH17 and the catastrophe of flight 592, shot over Eastern Ukraine, caused a rough landing for the whole airlines. Communication considerations speak for having a name change, as an important step to overcome the crisis......
19-02-2014 PR education in a changing world
  Frequently one hears student complaints about learning things they do not need to know. Complaints may have various reasons but often build on a piece of truth: education does not keep pace with practice. It is worth having a look if traditional cornerstones of PR education meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s communication profession. Traditionally university level PR education is media centric, what's more, traditional media centric. Graduates are then pretty much able to organize a press conference, write a press release or find their way around media history. The problem is, that at the same time, they admit they hardly ever read a newspaper or watch TV news. Consequently, if later on they want to be successful in PR, they would need different knowledge and skills. 4 important elements seem to be missing of Hungarian and international curricula ....
18-12-2013 Century of entrepreneurship
  "The 21st century is about entrepreneurship." - summed it all up Peter Zaboji, Chairman of CX-Ray today. As he said, "the last century was about corporations, the next one is about developing young talent." Where else could have been this better told than at the award giving ceremony at IBS Budapest where teams of 4th grade business students competed with their PR plans? The last couple of weeks I had the special chance to see and support my students develop a yearly PR plan for this newly founded startup, CX-Ray, a venture pioneering in network analysis. ......
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