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19-01-2016 CSR is not indispensable
  As much as I would love to, I can not share the optimism expressed in relation to a recent Deloitte study, about the unstoppable development of CSR awareness. Deloitte CE_CSR_Managers_Report-2015.pdf The research claims that 76% of the CSR heads of corporations in the Central Eastern European region ’view future development of responsible corporate management positively and a third of them believe that it will reach a level where it becomes an integral part of the business model, about how to handle social and environmental issues.’ I can not judge the methodology of the research, though I do suppose that people usually like to believe their own work is safe and secured, so CSR heads would usually trust the further development of CSR. However, one can not help noticing that during the last 6-8 years, as dire times have arrived, corporate budgets spent on CSR have been cut...........

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