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Beavers move from Gyöngyös to Sopron
10-01-2011 commerce/OBI source: PeppeR

Beaver classes of OBI and WWF held in 19 cities

The 11th January OBI Hungary Retail Kft. and WWF Hungary launch again their successful and recently CSR prize awarded beaver class program series. This year’s classes allow over 2600 primary school students from 19 cities to learn about the beaver, the largest rodent in Europe. The environmental classes are held between in January and February in 18 OBI stores in the countryside as well as the Soroksári út and Fogarasi út stores in Budapest for the interested students.


With the exclusive support of OBI, and in the presence of Prince Philip, WWF Hungary launched the first successful Hungarian mammal reestablishment program in 1996. The primary objective has been to reestablish the once thriving, but extinct for over 100 years, beaver population to Hungary, as well as to protect the flood land life communities. Due to the success of the reestablishment program, the growth of the local beaver population and the natural arrival of beavers from, among others, Slovenia and Austria, by now the number of these rodents exceed 500 in Hungary.

An important part of the cooperation between OBI and WWF is to create the opportunity for students to learn about the life of the beaver, and through this, to make them aware about the importance and the tools of efficient nature protection. Due to their nocturnal life and hiding behavior it is normally very rare to meet these animals. Therefore WWF puts special emphasis on the interactive character of the classes and on the chance for direct empirical learning. The organizers pay special attention to accommodate the needs and mentally and visually impaired children, so that they can participate without any limitation and gain a full range of experience and learning from the class.

This year the classes are held the 11 January – 16 February in 20 stores of 19 cities. At the end of each class the groups receive a beaver quiz the answers to which can be mailed to WWF Hungary. Valuable presents are drawn among those providing the correct answers, while the class of the first prize participates at an environmental class excursion. Winning classes usually visit a nearby national park and are usually surprised to discover nearby hidden, natural beauties. Parallel to the classes WWF launches a poem writing competition to which any child can send their creation. Certain stores announce additional drawing competitions among children having visited the store. If, by chance, someone misses the classes, they can follow the life of the beavers through a film on the website of WWF Hungary.

It is not by chance that OBI provides support to the WWF beaver program from the very beginnings. This is a program that reflects well the environmental awareness and commitment of OBI as well as provides the chance to prove this commitment in every city. Recently, OBI Hungary Retail Kft has won the CSR Best Practice award of the Hungarian PR Association. Those companies and programs are awarded that show how ethical company behavior prevails and how the company set the balance between its social and environmental responsibilities.

"This awards confirms to us that a successful company can not operate without being responsible. The environmental awareness of the youth is crucial for the future. The classes held in our stores are a prime opportunity for extending their learning. On top of this, the beaver is a symbol for us, as it is an animal that lives in families, builds its home and takes care of its surroundings in a systematic way." – commented Gyöngyi Illés, the marketing director of OBI Hungary.

"Following the closing of the successful beaver reestablishment program we find it very important to draw the attention of the children and their parents, how they can contribute to the protection of the beaver, and to environment in general. Through attending these classes children can playfully learn about the dangers threatening the beavers and the ways to protect them." – added Tamás Gruber, beaver program director of WWF Hungary.

Beaver classes are held in 2011 in the following locations:
Gyöngyös: January 11. Eger: January 12. Miskolc: January 13. Nyíregyháza: January 14. Dunaújváros: January 17. Szekszárd: January 18. Kaposvár: January 19. Nagykanizsa: January 20. Keszthely: January 21. Budapest, IX.,Soroksári út: January 24. Kecskemét: January 25. Szolnok: January 26. Békéscsaba: January 27. Tatabánya: January 31. Siófok: February 3. Szeged: February 8. Budaörs: February 9. Budapest. XIV.Fogarasi út: February 10-11. Veszprém: February 15. Sopron: February 16.


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