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e-HR - how IT effects HR practice?
28-04-2003 HR services/Hewitt Inside source: PeppeR
From the internal communication to the recruitment and selection process, from the performance management to career building IT is present everywhere, as an effective and fast and reliable tool. Based on this fact Hewitt Inside started a unique survey, for finding the possibilities in human IT and the usage of the HR informatics solutions in the practice of Hungarian companies.
  The aim of the survey is to study the practice of the Hungarian companies. The survey has two stages, consists of one questionnarie data collection and one personal interview, and examining various subjects: the present state, future plans, and mapping the ideas and needs. The final documentation of the survey will be ready by the middle of May. The preliminary results shows, that even with different technological solutions and development level, the connection of HR and IT work has started. Our agency is providing the media communication services to Hewitt Inside.
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