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Flextronics has been in Hungary for ten years
24-04-2003 electronics /Flextronics source: PeppeR
On the 24th April Flextronics celebrated the 10th anniversary of its operation in Hungary in the company of Mr. Péter Kiss, Minister, Head of Prime Minister’s Office in its first plant, in Tab. Flextronics has industrial parks in Nyíregyháza, Sárvár and Zalaegerszeg and a factory in Tab. Flextronics operations have changed significantly in the past ten years
  In the early 90’s the company concentrated on simple contract manufacturing, while as these days the focus is on high value added complex manufacturing services. The biggest share of the added value today is given by the Hungarian workforce: Flextronics is offering a full range of design, manufacturing, logistics, reverse logistics and distribution services in Hungary. In the future with the development of this activities, Hungary can be a centre of certain regional functions. "What is good for Flextronics is good for Hungary too" – said Mr. Péter Kiss, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office. Jim Rowan, regional General Manager of Flextronics added: "I hope, we will celebrate in similar company the 20th anniversary of our operation in ten years time." Among the Hungarian and international partners of Flextronics the 108 employees were celebrating in Tab, who have been a part of the Flextronics team from the very beginning. Our agency, as the communication agency of Flextronics has taken a significant part in the planning and organisation of the event.
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