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Development of transport needs to fit in long term economic policy
01-12-2006 government/Office of the Hungarian Parliament source: PeppeR
Focus not on money but what it is spent on. The 6th event of the roadshow of parliaments continued in Debrecen, with focus on development of transport and environmental policies. Participants agreed that the available funding for these projects, 4000 billion forints, is enormous. The real question is how and on what projects this funding is spent.
  Every penny needs to be carefully planned, invested and controlled, otherwise it will not go to efficient funding. Only those areas are worthwhile developing that create wealth themselves and contribute to the creation of new jobs. EU policies affect Hungary in many ways. The development of the pan European transit corridors is a vital interest of Hungary, as well. Recently, EU shifted its focus from development of railways to the increased competitiveness of railways. A possible solution is transforming the Hungarian railways into a complex logistics company that offers up to date technology, door-to-door service and customer oriented approach. All developments however need to pay attention to the environmental considerations as well. At the end, quality of life needs to be balanced with the development of the economy. The closing event of the series will take place in Szeged, with focus on internal security of the European Union.

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